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Why Aren’t the Democrats backing this guy anymore?

David Hogg. Stoneman Douglas High School "survivor" who was actually no where near the actual shootings.


David Hogg was a big part of the Dems gun control policy…so what happened?

The answer is very simple. The Dems want to win the midterms at any cost. So they’re trying as hard as they can to mimic what Trump did in 2016. They want to win the rust belt and the rest of middle America like Trump did, and they know that gun control is NOT what any of those states want to hear.

So mum’s the word on anything gun control for the midterms. Instead, the Dems have focused on the disaster otherwise known as Obamacare and Planned Parenthood and how dare Trump try to abolish them. Same story, different day.

Dems still don’t get it and I doubt they ever will. Trump 2020!


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