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Al Franken Retires: How Long Before He’s on Saturday Night Live Bashing Trump?

Even in Franken’s most embarrassing retirement speech, he couldn’t help but bash Trump. So how long before he joins the Trump bashers on SNL? We wouldn’t be surprised if Franken already got a call from the SNL staff.

Al Franken

Franken doing what he apparently does best.

And the swamp continues to drain as Al Franken (D-Minn.) today had to embarrass himself in front of the entire world by announcing his retirement from his Senate seat after mounting complaints from women who accuse Franken of sexually assaulting them.

Although Franken seemed to retract some of his earlier statements in which he admitted to the assaults, he none the less decided it was in his best interest that he retire. He was being begged by most of the house Democrats to step aside so it was pretty clear his political days were numbered anyway.

It wasn’t that long ago that Franken was making references to a possible run for president in 2020. Sorry, Al, ain’t gonna happen! But don’t feel too sorry for him.

Franken’s old gig over at NBC’s Saturday Night Live will no doubt become available to him. SNL is well known for it’s constant Trump hating, but they seem to have run out of steam lately. They’ve reached the point of saturation on The Donald, and now the ratings are slacking off.

People have tired of the same old SNL rhetoric over and over again. Just when SNL had nothing else going for them, WHAM! Enter Al Franken, Trump hater extraordinaire. Just what the doctors at NBC ordered. A new “inside” Trump hater with a huge chip on his shoulder and lot’s of free time now.

This should be interesting…but it probably won’t be. Just more hatred from the liberals. I’m fine with that. It just serves to show America why they shouldn’t vote Democratic in 2020. The Democrats still can’t seem to figure out “what happened.”





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