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November 8th, 2016: The Hillary Train Gets Derailed

Despite most polls having Hillary with as much as an 84% chance of winning the election, everyone knew it just wasn’t going to be that easy.

CNN announcing that the Clinton victory speech will be live at 9:45pm. Sorry, CNN.

It was the presidential election of a lifetime. It had everything and more. When Trump and Clinton weren’t busy bashing each other, they were busy trying to clear themselves of accusations and scandal after scandal. It was -if nothing else- one of the most entertaining campaigns ever. Some days good entertainment, some days not so good.

There was Hillary and her emails, Wikileaks, Russian hacking, Fake News, BLM, Donald’s “grab them by the p*ssy” recording, the rigging of the DNC against Bernie, and the Clinton Foundation questions. The James Comey and Debbie Wasserman Schultz last minute chaos. Huma Abedin with hubby Anthony Weiner’s sexting an underaged girl mess and Trump’s supposed infidelity with a former Playmate of the Year and a few other women.

Let us not forget Hillary passing out at the 9/11 Ceremony in NYC and literally being tossed into a van and rushed to her daughters nearby apartment. Of course, that’s where the Secret Service always takes a presidential candidate in a medical emergency situation. Well, at least a candidate who has obvious medical conditions that they don’t want the public to know about. At times the election seemed to be more like a fifth grade classroom with no teacher than a political campaign. Actually, the fifth graders might have behaved better than the candidates!

Throughout the entire election we were bombarded by the media, the Obama’s and a ton of Hollywood celebrities doing more than their fair share of Hillary promoting. And those damn polls, constantly pounding into us how Hillary might as well go and pick out her new furniture for the White House.

Even with all that wind behind Hillary, you could sense that there was a certain nervousness in the Democratic Party. As confident as they might have seemed when on camera, they were still doing a lot of nail-biting behind closed doors. There was just something in the air, and it stunk.

America, it seemed, wasn’t so enamored with Hillary and her flock of fools. They wanted the change that Obama promised but never delivered. They were sick and tired of the ‘same old same old’. And Hillary was more of the same old, and nothing of the new.

In the end, it came right down to which candidate would give us the change we so desperately wanted and needed. Obviously, Trump won that battle. I believe it was the right choice. Thank you, voters!





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