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CIA Files on JFK Assassination Will Be Released Thursday

Lee Harvey Oswald

The long blocked and classified JFK files will be released Thursday, October 26th. Here’s how to get them.


John and Jackie Kennedy in Dallas

UPDATE: Thursday, Oct. 26th at 7:45PM Eastern Time…

Approximately 2,800 files are being released now. However, President Trump delayed the release of all of the other files “pending review”. Trump has given intelligence agencies 180 days to report back to him with their justification for keeping those files secret. It seems that the CIA and other agencies are worried that some of their information gathering methods and identities of some of the sources (who may still be alive) could be compromised.

UPDATE: Thursday, Oct. 26th at 6:00PM Eastern Time….

The new files have not yet been released. The National Archives still insists that they will be released today, but they are still dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s. Technically, they have until midnight to come through. We’ll see.

As reportedĀ here earlier this week, President Trump approved the release of the files and followed that statement with a tweet today stating that the files will be released Thursday as promised.

If you’d like to get your very own copy of the files, all you need is a good internet connection and some patience. The files will be broken up into several pieces with each piece being a separate download. The files will be .Zip files, so you’ll need the right software on your PC to unzip them.

To download the files, startĀ here at the National Archives website. Scroll down the center section of the page until you see the section labeled “Files”. That’s where the downloads will be located. As of today, the “July 2017 Release” downloads are there. It’s not clear if they will replace those July 2017 files with the October 2017 files or if they will just add the new files to the list. Either way, it should still be easy enough to find.

All you’ll need is a little luck getting a good connection due to anticipated heavy traffic on the website, and some time. Good luck and happy reading!



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