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It Appears The Sanctions On North Korea Are Starting To Work

Despite a long line of official statements saying that the U.N. sanctions will never hurt them, a statement issued today proves otherwise.


Obviously the sanctions won’t have any effect on Kim Jong-un

If you follow North Korea’s Workers Party for more than a day or two, you’ll see two words used over and over again. Those words are Juche and Songun. They are two of the core beliefs of the DPRK’s ideology.

Juche, literally translated, means “self reliance”. It’s the idea that North Korea needs to become completely self reliant so that any sanctions placed on them will have little or no effect on the country. They will grow all their own food and produce any and all things necessary for their own survival.

Songun is the idea that no matter what, the military and the government leaders have first dibs on any and all resources needed before any of the people get what they need. Songun is also known as the “military first” rule. The bottom line is that not one “regular person” gets a single grain of rice or anything else until the military and the government leaders get their closets filled. That includes medicine and medical goods.

So for years North Korea has been telling its people – and the rest of the world – that Juche is working perfectly and that any sanctions imposed by the U.S. or anyone else will never cause them any problems. But that all seemed to take a sudden turn this morning.

Today, the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) released a statement from the “Sanctions Damage Investigation Committee” that strongly hints the sanctions are starting to hurt. Of course, they play the “women and children” card heavily in their statement in an attempt to gain some sympathy.

But the Juche rule means that their women and children will be the very last to get any food or medicine anyway. After it’s completely picked through by Kim Jong-un, his cronies and his military, they’re lucky to get a band aid and a cup of low quality rice.

Of course, just before they play the “women and children” card, they mention the suspension by the U.N. of their international “banking channels.” That’s definitely what they’re most irritated by. We all know they aren’t really the least bit concerned about the people, but cut off the money supply and now they have a problem. And a very serious problem at that.

The related excerpt reads: “As a result, the banking channel of the UN agencies is suspended, delivery of aid goods is delayed and even the ordinary daily consumer goods are restricted under the pretext of dual use, thus creating tremendous obstacles in the protection of the rights and existence of the children and women and causing damage to the people’s livelihood, nothing to say of the civilian economy.”

It continues “The delivery of Mobile Digital X-ray equipment and reagents for diagnosis of Tuberculosis, insecticides for Malaria vector control and Emergency Reproductive Health Kits procured and provided by the UN agencies including UNICEF and UNFPA for protection and promotion of the health of children and women have been delayed for several months under the unjustifiable pretext of various reasons in the countries of sale and transit this year. The Gene Xpert Cartridge for diagnosis of Multi-Drug Resistant tuberculosis patients have not been delivered at all since 2017. This is a clear act of human rights violation that denies and infringes upon the right to a standard of living adequate for health and well-being including clothing, food, housing, medical care and necessary social services stipulated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. ”

So, to sum it all up, the sanctions are really working. It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy…





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