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Opinion: Where Would We Be If Hillary Had Won?

Here’s your chance, readers! What would be happening in Washington today if Hillary was the POTUS?


Hillary whispering to Bill “as soon as we’re sworn in, Kaines body washes up on a secluded beach somewhere, right?”

We’re opening this one up to the readers. Tell us what you think would be happening in the country today if Hillary had been elected president. Try to be nice! <ahem>

Would First Lady Bill be involved in any scandals yet? Would the two Clintons have taken over the entire show by now, or would Tim Kaine still have any say? How many “awards” would they have given to the Obama’s…or would the Obama’s have given to them? North Korea, BLM, gun control and Obamacare?

All this Clinton/Clinton/Kaine White House talk is making me a little queasy, so you guys will have to take it from here…don’t be shy!



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