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It Seems North Korea Knows Something is Brewing

Following President Trump’s comments this week, North Korea says South Korea would be annihilated along with US strategic assets in the Korean peninsula.


Look out, America. Here comes the NK Army

This past week President Trump made some comments that hinted at possible military action against North Korea that could happen very soon. You can read about those comments here.

Today, the Pyongyang Times – North Korea’s leading newspaper and the mouthpiece-of -choice for Kim Jong-un, released yet another threatening diatribe. This time they say they’re going to make US strategic assets deployed in the Korean peninsula their first targets, followed by annihilating South Korea. They also reminded the world that the US mainland is within firing range of their missiles.

Here is the missive, word for word from todays Pyongyang Times:

The US and puppet south Korea should think twice over what their reckless actions would result in and should behave prudently, a spokesman for the Pan-Korean Emergency Measure Committee for Opposing Nuclear War Drills against the DPRK said in a statement on October 7.
The statement came as the US and south Korea, horrified by the DPRK’s self-defensive nuclear capability, run amuck to ship the US nuclear strategic assets in and around south Korea on a large scale, while clamouring for their “expanded rotating deployment”.
The US strategic assets deployed in the Korean peninsula would be the first targets of our revolutionary armed forces that have the US mainland across the Pacific within firing range and the south Korean puppets would be annihilated even with by-blow, the spokesman said.
“The DPRK would never remain an onlooker as the present situation is teetering on the edge of war due to their recklessness, but respond to them with stronger countermeasures,” he noted.

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