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Jimmy Kimmel Cries Fake Tears, Blames Republicans, Calls For More Gun Laws

Kimmel condemned Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell for “daring to send prayers” to Las Vegas victims.


Kimmel “crying” for Las Vegas shooting victims. Notice absolutely no tears. Just play acting.

Hillary supporter, safety pin wearing Jimmy Kimmel went on a emotional Republican-bashing spree on his show on Monday night. Not that that’s anything unusual for him.

Kimmel put on his best fake crying performance of the year for the victims of the Las Vegas shootings. Then he followed up by blaming Republicans for the what happened. Kimmel specifically named Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell for “daring” to send out prayers to the victims and their families and then added “They should be praying for God to forgive them for letting the gun lobby run this country.”

Hollywood has made it obvious: if you own a gun, didn’t vote for Hillary and you don’t agree with our agenda -whether or not it makes any sense or will make any positive changes- then you are part of what makes things like this happen. Somehow, it’s not the fault of the madman that pulled the trigger…it’s your fault and it’s the fault of all Republicans.

Of course, Kimmel offered no solutions. It’s just a heck of alot easier to blame Republicans, and it fits his Hollywood agenda.

Fact is, Jimmy…the shooter had absolutely no criminal background and no history of mental illness. No one saw this coming, including his entire family and friends. He was just another normal guy who worked as an accountant and seemed to be as normal as the rest of us. No gun control laws could have stopped him.

In closing, let me just add one more thing: I’m a veteran and I’ve owned many rifles and handguns over my lifetime. To this very day, not one of them ever killed anyone. It’s not the guns…



3 Comments on Jimmy Kimmel Cries Fake Tears, Blames Republicans, Calls For More Gun Laws

  1. No gun, in and of itself, has ever killed another living creature. This only occurs when some human interaction is involved, whether intentionally or accidentally.. Stop blaming the guns. Place the blame where it belongs

  2. Jimmie is sealing his fate by his constant badgering of Trump instead of putting an interesting show together.

  3. Get him off the freakin T.V.

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