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North Korea Claims Nearly 5 Million Join The Peoples Army This Week

North Korean military kids

Since Kim Jong-un issued a statement on Sept. 21st, they claim that over 4.7 million people have ‘volunteered’ for military service.


North Korean female military recruits

Pyongyang, Sept. 28 — The Pyongyang Times released a story claiming that over 4.7 million people have signed up or reenlisted for military service over the last four days. The sudden surge came after Kim Jong-un gave a fiery statement regarding Trump’s recent comment that the U.S. would “completely destroy” North Korea if a war broke out.

How many of them actually ‘volunteered’ versus being forced to enlist is the question. Not that it really matters. If the U.S. were to launch an attack against North Korea, it would be from the air and the sea. No American boots would hit the ground nor do I think it would be necessary.

So millions of The Peoples Army would be sitting in foxholes doing nothing more than watching their country being reduced to rubble. It will be like starring in an episode of “Scared Straight.” Maybe they’ll realize then that Kim Jong-un and his cronies have been lying to them all along.

Here is the brief story from the Pyongyang Times:

“Over 4.7 million people across the country including students and workers have volunteered to join or rejoin the People’s Army since Kim Jong Un, chairman of the DPRK State Affairs Commission, issued a statement on September 21 as regards Trump’s anti-DPRK rhetoric in the UN.
While meetings were being held to vow to turn out in national defence, the number of young volunteers soared to more than 1.79 million.
People of all backgrounds pledged to serve the army with the eagerness to bring about final victory in the anti-US showdown.
Women also petitioned for military service, with the number of applicants reaching at least 1.22 million. “


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