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N. Korea: NYC, Silicon Valley Named as First Strike Targets

North Korea says NYC will be ‘dust and ashes’, Silicon Valley will suffer electromagnetic pulse attack in latest threat.


Kim Jong-un and cronies having a laugh at a missile launch site

Pyongyang Sept.26 — In the never-ending series of threats against the U.S., today North Korea declared New York City and the Silicon Valley as their first strike targets “should Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un light the red flare.”

They claim that they will leave NYC in a “pile of dust and ashes.” However, in a twist of the usual bomb threats, they stated that the Silicon Valley would suffer an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack that would wipe out the electrical grid and render the grid useless for most of America.

They specifically named Apple, Yahoo and Google in the threat, adding that all three companies would be decimated by the EMP blast.

An EMP attack is carried out by detonating a hydrogen bomb at a high altitude over an area. The resulting electromagnetic pulses would send extremely high energy electrical surges through electrical lines that would fry the lines and destroy anything connected to them.

The result would effectively wipe out the power grid from the Silicon Valley to Chicago and beyond. Most of the country would be without power and lights. Air traffic control would be gone along with railroads, factories, water and water treatment, hospitals. The internet, cell phones and landline phones would be all but useless.

It would take us years to recover from such an attack. You couldn’t just reroute some electrical power like they can do if a car hits a utility pole or a lightening strike takes out the power. The pulse of electricity generated by the blast would literally vaporize the power lines, so we would have to restring every single wire before power could even begin to be restored. Just imagine how long that would take. Then we would have to rebuild all the power stations as well. We’re talking years.

Apparently NYC will be hit with a hydrogen bomb as well, and we all know the devastation that would cause. For what it’s worth, NYC is probably out of the range of the latest missiles being produced by North Korea. Recent calculations would put their maximum reach to approximately the Chicago area, but that could change quickly with the way North Korea has amped-up its missile program in just the past month or two.

Hopefully we’ll never find out.


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