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Could Karma Kill Kim’s Korea

N. Korean missile fails

With a history of failed missile launches and a lack of experience with H-bombs, could North Korea be it’s own worst enemy?


N. Korean missile fails on launch

It’s a dream scenario that would certainly solve a lot of problems for the rest of the free world. North Korea launches an ICBM with an H-bomb warhead attached as they threatened to do just days ago…but the missile fails on launch and goes off in North Korea.

Karma. What goes around comes around. How many times can the leader of a country smaller than the state of Mississippi get away with taunting the rest of the free world? One has to think that Kim Jong-un will get his due sooner or later. Sooner would be nice. And karma is a bitch.

Unfortunately, should such a missile failure occur, scores of North Korean civilian people would pay with their lives. Yes, they all march and hold rally after rally against America. But that’s all they know because that’s all they are told. All newspapers and televised media is tightly controlled by Kim’s corrupt regime.

There are consequences if they don’t follow “supreme leader” Kim Jong-un and his gang of idiots. They have “special camps” for just such a person…and their entire family and all of their friends. Welcome to Kim’s Korea. Meanwhile Kim and his cronies live the life of luxury at the people’s expense.

If North Korea does in fact launch that promised H-bomb-loaded ICBM…I’m hoping for karma. It’s about time. And it would solve a lot of problems.







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