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What If The Dems Dump Hillary In 2020

Hillary Clinton

Everyone knows Hillary is not going to just go away. So what if she gets dumped by the Dems in 2020?

Make no mistake about it, Hillary Clinton still wants to be president. But at this point, one would think (read: hope) that the Democrats realize that she is too much of a liability and if nothing else, her time has come and gone.

Of course Hillary doesn’t quite see things that way. Her ego is far too large for that. And therein lies the problem. After her complete disaster of a campaign and a numbing loss to Trump, she is slowing working her way back up to the stage. She has become increasingly more vocal recently and is still on a whirlwind promotional tour for her book “What Happened.”

All of this, I assure you, is all leading up to one thing: she wants one more shot at president. It doesn’t matter to her if her people have to push her around in a wheelchair with an IV bag and oxygen tanks attached. She’s going to run, damn it.

So if the Dems do the correct thing and send her packing, what will she do?


Jill Stein

Could there be a “Hill and Jill” in 2020? That could be more of a reality then you may think. Don’t forget that Jill Stein jumped in and tried to help Hillary with a recount of the vote in several states. Hillary would lend whateverĀ <ahem> legitimacy she has left to a third party ticket as well as her base of supporters and ‘insider connections’.

What other options does Hillary have? Forget quitting, Hillary’s not going to do that.



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