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Clinton Foundation A No-Show After Harvey And Irma

Bill and Hillary Clinton.

While Trump donates over one million out of his own pocket, the Clinton Foundation has barely a mention of the storms on its website.


Bill Clinton

This probably comes as no real surprise, but the Clinton Foundation apparently missed a chance to help storm relief efforts after hurricanes Harvey and Irma left a path of destruction through several states.

In fact, the foundation’s website only mentions the relief efforts in the ‘press releases’ section of their site. While hubby Bill was at least drumming up money along with four other former presidents, Hillary was no doubt getting worried that the storms would interfere with the opening of her whirlwind tour promoting her new book “What Happened.”

Meanwhile, Donald Trump plucked a million out of his own pocket and tossed it into the hat. Oh, and he was busy getting the relief efforts in order, dealing with all other presidential duties…and dealing with the punk in North Korea. But he still found the time -and cared enough- to pitch in.

So where was any help from the Clinton Foundation? With hundreds of millions of dollars sitting in the bank, you’d think that maybe they would cut a check and help out. It would have been a win-win situation. The Clintons come out looking good, and the donation would be a tax writeoff for the foundation. But as of this date, that has not happened.

Go figure.




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