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Did Bernie Bail For Bucks?

Bernie Sanders

Was Bernie paid off by Hillary and the DNC?


Bernie and Hillary

We all remember the train wreck that was the 2016 Democratic National Convention. We remember the 20,000 emails Wikileaks released proving that the DNC was plotting against Bernie in its bid to get Hillary nominated. We remember that Debbie Wasserman Schultz had to be replaced at the last minute as chair of the DNC because the heat was on her and there were calls for her to resign.

But most of all we remember that Bernie got screwed-over by Her Royal Highness Hillary and her nefarious cronies. Of course, karma caught up with Hillary and she wound up losing her bid to become the country’s first female president. As they say, bad things happen to bad people.

So the question for me has always beenĀ why did Bernie submit so easily and why did he immediately jump on the Hillary train and urge all of his flock to vote for Hillary?

We’ve all had wins and losses in our lives, and most of us enjoy the wins and take the losses and move on. But that’s only if the losses were fair. If we thought -or in Bernie’s caseĀ know– that the other side cheated, we’d be pissed and at least make our feelings known. I would think that would go double or triple if the cheating cost us a shot at becoming the president.

Yet Bernie not only took it on the chin, he joined sides with the cheater. That’s still a head scratcher to me. I’ve never been cheated out of becoming president, but if I were, about the only thing that would make me turn like that is a big Marine Corps duffle bag full of unmarked one hundred dollar bills. Or maybe two of them.

We have no proof of any money changing hands between any of the parties involved. This is purely supposition on our behalf. But what follows is a possible answer to the questions I mentioned above. Here goes.

Bernie self-reported his net worth at $528,014 during his campaign. Yet, literally days after he lost to Hillary he purchased a $600,000 beachfront house on Vermont’s Lake Champlain Islands. Something smells fishy about that, and it’s not the lake.

Many jumped to the conclusion that Bernie may have misused some campaign contributions, but that was quickly disproved. So where did the money come from?

Was Bernie sending us a subliminal message by buying the house so quickly? You know, kind of like hinting that this was what he got for falling in line with Hillary. We wonder…







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