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Hurricane Irma: Who’s Price Gouging?

Hurricane Irma in the Caribbean

If you’re fleeing Irma, odds are that you’ve seen price gouging first hand. Here’s your chance to expose the gougers.


airliners on the tarmac


With everything going on in the country today from the Texas disaster to the nuclear threat from North Korea, Americans have had a full plate over the last couple of weeks. Now comes Hurricane Irma. So far we’ve been handling things admirably.

We’ve become more united as a country and have done an incredible job in supporting our fellow Americans in need of support…as we’ve always done and always will. That’s who we are and that’s what makes us the great country that we are.

But disturbing reports of price gouging are flowing out of Florida even before Irma has arrived. American Airlines was accused of charging more than $3600 for a quick flight from Miami to Atlanta this week. United was charging more than $6000 for a flight from Miami to Denver. A flight from Miami to Hartford, Ct. went from $160 to over $1000 in less than half a day.

We don’t want to pick on the airlines (though we could easily do so) because we know that price gouging happens in all sectors of retail sales whenever the occasion rises. But one would think that the occasion wouldn’t be when fellow Americans are in dire need of help and have very few options in an effort to do nothing more than survive.

So we are turning to our readers who are fleeing from Irma, or anyone else who is affected by price gouging as a result of Irma, to post their stories here for the world to see. We will forward all stories to the Florida State Attorney Generals Office.

God Bless all who are fleeing Irma.



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