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Could The Dems Pull Off A “Dream Ticket” In 2020?

Michelle and Hillary

Or would it create a controversy over which one runs as president?


A ticket with both Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama would surely spell trouble for Trump in 2020. With what happened this past November, it’s no secret the disgruntled Hillary voters would be turning out in droves next election.

Can you imagine the frenzy that the MSM could whip up? For the first time in history, we could have the newly-elected president, two former presidents, a former Secretary of State and two former first ladies in the white house at the same time. How could they lose?

Of course, Michelle has said that she’s not interested. But that could all change very quickly. The Obama’s will be empty nesters by 2020 and have had four years of rest and relaxation. If the party calls, don’t be surprised if Michelle answers that call.

So how about Hillary? Are the democrats willing to take one more shot with her after she lost two previous bids to become president? Is all of the past baggage too heavy to carry? One would have to think they’d take the shot because, after all, that would be one formidable ticket.

The only question is…which one runs as president and which one runs as vice president? That may be this dynamic duo’s Achilles Heel. Would they have to offer Michelle the presidential position to get her to turn out or would she accept a role as VP? I think Michelle as president is the best scenario. She can bring the fresh new ideas while Hillary acts as the aging gunslinger who can keep the republicans at bay while Michelle does her thing.

Unfortunately, in my opinion I don’t see Hillary being interested in the VP spot. She’s come too far for too long not to want the potus spot. But then again, she may realize that this is her last shot. Add to that her health condition -whatever that may or may not be- can she last through another grinding campaign as president. I think we can all admit that she was definitely worn down to the nub before the 2016 election was over. Maybe VP doesn’t look so bad this time around?

Regardless of how they work it out, a Clinton/Obama or Obama/Clinton ticket could easily spell doom for the republicans in 2020.


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