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N. Korea Says Missile-Ready H-Bomb Test Successful

Kim Jong-un viewing the supposed H-Bomb

The underground test set off a 5.7 magnitude artificial earthquake near N. Korea’s nuclear site in the northeastern region of the country.


Map showing area of H-Bomb test

Just hours after we posted this story about N. Korea taunting the U.S. and its allies, they carried out their sixth nuclear test since 2006. Two of those nuclear tests were conducted in 2016.

In an “important” announcement on Sunday the Korean Central News Agency stated “The H-bomb test was carried out to examine and confirm the accuracy and credibility of the power control technology, and internal structural design newly introduced into manufacturing the H-bomb to be placed as the payload of the ICBM.” The test was carried out at noon (Pyongyang time) and was declared a “perfect success.”

South Korea’s weather agency said Sunday that the latest blast was five to six times more powerful that the North’s fifth test in September 2016. The explosion a year ago, presumably with a yield of 10 kilotons, triggered a 5.04 magnitude earthquake.

Earlier in the day, North Korea claimed that it has developed a hydrogen bomb that can be mounted on an ICBM. Analysts said the recent ICBM missile tests shows that much of the U.S. mainland is now within range, including Los Angeles and Chicago.

The white house confirmed that the test did indeed take place.


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