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N. Korea Taunts U.S., Says We Can’t Locate Their Missiles

N. Korean Missile Launch

N. Korea claims that any attempt to locate it’s mobile missile launchers would be futile.


N. Korean TELs Mobile MIssile Launcher

(Seoul, S. Korea, Sept. 2) — North Korea said Saturday that any attempt by the U.S. or it’s allies to locate its mobile missile launchers would be useless. They made the announcement following drills carried out by a joint military force of U.S. and South Korean forces aimed at detecting and destroying the North’s transporter-erector-launcher (TEL) vehicles.

South Korean and U.S. Navy special warfare troops were training to infiltrate into North Korea and locate and destroy the TELs in the east coast region on Aug. 24th as part of the annual Ulchi-Freedom Guardian exercises. The North has used TELs to move ballistic missiles and stand them upright to avoid surveillance spy satellites.

North Korea’s media outlet Rodong Sinmun – the mouthpiece of the North’s Workers’ Party – claimed that the drills targeting TELs was “nothing but laughable.”

They further stated “Our strategic weapons are ready to thoroughly annihilate the strongholds of aggression and provocation from any unpredictable region and place anytime. The U.S. and Japan ┬áhave mobilized all their intelligence assets for 24-hour surveillance on us but failed to detect the launch time and place of our ballistic missiles. Any attempt by the puppets to detect and destroy our TELs in advance is nothing but a silly dream. The puppets in South Korea will never avoid catastrophes as long as they continue to run amok.”

It then took the time to brag about the fact that the U.S. gave high marks to the North Korean military for its camouflage, concealment and deception skills. They followed with a harsh condemnation of Japan’s moves to reinforce its missile defense systems to intercept the North’s ballistic missiles.


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