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The McCain Mutiny Continues

McCain and his buddy Obama

Is it time to drain McCain from the swamp?


I know, I know… I just published an article on John McCain a few days ago (Aug. 29th). But last night McCain dispatched a scathing article to The Washington Post that is sure to fan the flames between him and Trump.

In the article, McCain blasted Trump by saying “Congress must govern with a president who has no experience of public office, is often poorly informed and can be impulsive in his speech and conduct.” Funny that old John was perfectly okay with Obama having virtually no experience when he took office in 2008.

McCain pushed it up a notch by adding “We must, where we can, cooperate with him. But we are not his subordinates. We don’t answer to him.” Oh my. I think I’d rather poke Trump with a cattle prod and let the secret service beat the tar out of me than to make a statement like that. Especially if my name was John McCain.

It’s been made very obvious that McCain has an overt disdain for Donald Trump. But then again, McCain has a long history of problems with authority. While at the United States Naval Academy in the late 1950’s, he “came into conflict with higher-ranking personnel and did not always obey the rules, which contributed to a low class rank of 894 of 899.” Yessir, old John was all but a washout from the academy.

John wasn’t the best of Navy pilots, either. While training to become a pilot at the Pensacola Naval Air Station he earned a reputation as a partier. He was considered a sub-par pilot who was both reckless and careless. Two of his flight missions crashed and in a third crash he collided with power lines but was uninjured each time. (note to self: don’t get in the plane if McCain is the pilot).

He’s not exactly a person of morals or character either. He secretly dated his present wife Cindy for nearly a year while he was still married to his ex wife Carol. Oh, and the entire time he was cheating, Carol was still undergoing medical treatment as a result of a serious car crash. He finally fessed up and asked for a divorce in 1980. John and Cindy married just one month after the divorce and his children refused to attend the wedding.

His political career began in 1982 when he ran as a Republican for an open seat in Arizona’s 1st congressional district. His campaign was mostly financed by his new father-in-law Jim Hensley, who owned a multi-million dollar beer distributorship in Arizona. One of the other contributors was a friend of McCain’s named Charles Keating Jr..

If that name seems familiar, it’s because Keating is very same guy who pulled off the infamous Lincoln Savings and Loan Association scam in the 1980’s. That scam cost the taxpayers over $3 billion dollars and landed Keating in federal prison for four and a half years. What’s that to do with McCain? Glad you asked.

When Keating began to realize he was being looked at by the feds, he made contributions to, and asked for regulatory intervention from five sitting U.S. Senators. Those five senator’s became known during the federal trial as “The Keating Five.” Guess who was one of the five? Yep, John McCain. Interestingly enough, the other four were all democrats. Seems like John likes those democrats.

So the next time you hear McCain ramble on about anything…just ignore him. He’s as bad as the rest of them that need to be drained from the swamp.






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