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During A Disaster The MSM Hits A New Low

First Lady Melania Trump in Stilettos

Even while the MSM was raking in big bucks and ratings, they still find time to bash the First Lady.

Let’s be honest. The main stream media is raking in cash by the truck loads off of Hurricane Harvey. They are the only ones making money while a disaster is in progress. Their cameras hunt for the dead bodies and burning buildings because that’s what sells.

They send their reporters outside in the storm and make them stand in filthy flood waters regardless of the risk of life or limb. They are ruthless in their pursuit of ratings because after all, ratings equal cash. And ratings peak during a disaster.

So you would think that the media would be greedily foaming at the mouth looking for dramatic stories and video clips to push on air as fast as possible. Anything that will keep the world tuned to their station while the bean counters in the back room are trying desperately to keep up with the counting of the cash rolling in.

But apparently we would all be wrong. Somehow in the middle of all the action, they just couldn’t resist doing some good old Trump Bashing. This time it was first lady Melania Trump’s turn.

It seems that Melania committed fashion suicide by walking across the white house lawn to the waiting marine helicopter while wearing a pair of Stiletto high heels. I know, stop the presses, right? Forget people trying to survive the worst weather disaster in our history. Melania is wearing Stilettos to walk to a helicopter on the white house lawn.Talk about disasters!

Unfortunately for the media, Melania changed into sneakers on the plane ride down to Texas and walked off the plane in “more appropriate” footwear. But that didn’t stop the bashing. The Stilettos story made it to most every media outlet almost immediately. I’m surprised they didn’t interrupt the disaster coverage with this “breaking news.”

Of course, we would never had heard anything about Hillary’s atrocious polyester double-knit pants suit that I guarantee you she would have been wearing. In fact, I bet it would be the orange one she seems to wear every other day. You know, the one that looks just like a prison jumper…how fitting! (pun intended)




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