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Al Gore and the Myth of Global Warming

Al Gore

Gore’s fear-mongering tactics netted him millions until the facts caught up with him.

Al Gore, a self appointed Global Warming “expert” who pocketed millions travelling the globe spreading his message that the earth would surely come to an end soon if we didn’t spend billions to stop it, has run into a brick wall.

His latest movie “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power” has completely bombed at the box office since it’s opening on July 28th. To date, the domestic box office has barely cracked $3 million while the international box office hasn’t hit $500,000. It ranked only 15th on it’s opening weekend and has plummeted drastically since.

It’s not like Al didn’t give it the old college try. He did countless interviews and showed up on all the national TV talk shows hosted by the usual snowflakes like Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah and NBC Nightly News. Unfortunately, he didn’t get anywhere near the $50 million that his first movie “An Inconvenient Truth” generated in 2006.

Gore won a Nobel Peace Prize in 2007 for “An Inconvenient Truth”, but that prize does not have the the validity that it once had since Obama won it after only days in office in 2008. Gore was also awarded an Oscar for Best Documentary for the film.

So what happened to Gore’s cash cow? Simple. The facts caught up with him. Stanford University’s Hoover Institution -and many others- have found flaw after flaw with everything Gore was spewing. The fact of the matter is that this is not the first time the earth has gone through a period of warming…or cooling.

During the Mesozoic era when dinosaurs roamed the planet, the temperature was about 18 degrees (F) warmer than now. In fact, over the last 12,000 years the planet has alternated between times substantially warmer and epochs that were noticeably cooler. During the Precambrian period, scientists estimate that the planet’s polar regions were about 36 degrees (F) colder than now. All without automobiles or industrial pollution contributing to the temperature fluctuations.

Much to Gore’s displeasure, science and society have come to figure out that global warming is nothing more than hype and hysteria. I once watched a video of Gore giving a speech on global warming at a summit in Europe. Gore spoke for twenty minutes about how much money would be generated by the industries that help “stop” global warming.

He mentioned how much money the world’s stock markets would profit, and he went on and on about the money that could be generated if we would just buy into his rhetoric. Not once during his entire speech did Gore even mention what -if anything- it would do to improve the earth. It was all about money, money, money. And Al was out to stuff his pockets full. Sorry, Al.

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