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Statues: Because nothing else seems to be working.

What Happened?whatHappened

Dems and MSM running out of ideas? Fear not…it’s Hillary and her new book to the rescue!

Over the first seven months of the Trump presidency we’ve been witness to a seemingly never ending barrage of attacks against the POTUS by the Dems and the MSM. Most of it is pure bull and over-inflated rhetoric designed to force Trump to deal with the “issue” (real or imagined) thus preventing him from actually moving forward with his campaign promises.

Much to the dismay of the Dems and the MSM, Donald just keeps clearing the debris off the tracks and the Trump Train continues rolling down the tracks. I find it truly amazing how much energy DJT has! At this point, the Energizer Bunny has to be getting jealous. He just keeps his eye on the prize and continues moving forward, making America great again.

I think the media and the Dems reached a new low with this statue thing. I mean seriously…statues??? They’ve all been there for decades and no one had an issue with them. Until now, for some reason beyond me…oh wait…it’s all Trumps fault. What was I thinking?

Good news, though. It seems that the average snowflake has an attention span of about two weeks. That means that the statue issue will be coming to a close any day now. So NOW what will the media and Dems come up with to throw at Trump? Enter Her Royal Majesty Hillary Clinton and her new book laughingly titled “What Happened.”

I’ll tell you what happened, Hillary. You got your ass handed to you. You had more backstage drama going on than a TV soap opera. You had scandal after scandal tugging at the legs of your endless supply of your horrid pantsuits. You totally screwed Bernie and got exposed for the lying, cheating and stealing little witch that you really are. America figured you out just in time. Thank God!

From the few excerpts of her book that have been released in the last couple of days, it looks like she still just doesn’t get it. I wonder what the body count will be. You know she’s going to throw everyone under the bus because…well, that’s just what she does best. Very little, if anything, is ever her fault.

Somehow, the media and the Dems will find a way to spin this into being Trumps fault. Oh, and the Russian hackers. Remember them? I don’t. Months later and still not one solid piece of evidence worthy of broadcast. Even to the MSM that is waiting anxiously for anything¬†they can use. Good luck with that!


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