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The MSM Is More Guilty Than Putin

The Mainstream Media tried to subvert the election far more than Putin did.

Don’t you just love watching hypocrisy in action? The MSM is falling all over itself to spin how the alleged “Russian interference” may have caused their star Hillary Clinton to lose the election.

Of course, all without a shred of solid evidence. Not a single state has reported any voting irregularities or hacking and all the intelligence community can come up with is a bunch of if’s, maybe’s, could haves, might haves and possibly.

Now Bozo Obama is ready to start ww3 over it. In a matter of 48 hours, Obama has sent Russian relations back to 1961’s Kennedy vs. Khrushchev at the Vienna Summit. Don’t look now, but it sure seems like Barry has every intention of leaving Trump as big a mess as possible. Thanks for nothing, Obama.

While the rest of America is wondering what shoe will drop next, I’m wondering when America will see the bigger picture. As bad as it may be that a foreign country might have somehow had an influence on the election, the bigger threat -by far- actually comes from within the U.S. borders. Our own mainstream media.

The msm is whipping up a frenzy over Putin and his supposed hacking. At the same time they’re achieving the bigger goal of detracting attention away from themselves. You see, even if they manage to find some twisted connection between hackers and Putin, all the hackers really did was expose Hillary and all of her partners in crime for who and what they actually are.

The real problem the intelligence community should be investigating is how much the msm tried to do the exact same thing…influence the outcome of the election. For the past two years and running, the msm spun every story to make Trump appear to be a loose cannon and the worse thing that could ever happen to the country.

They put Her Royal Majesty Hillary on a pedestal and touted her as the best candidate since sliced bread. They posted on social media and reported on their tv broadcasts every poll that could possibly show us that Hillary was winning. At the same time they bashed away at Trump and spent endless hours trying to sway every God-fearing person away from him.

The media did exactly what they are now accusing Putin of doing. Trying to sway the election towards a particular candidate. The only difference between Putin and the msm is which candidate they backed.

The American mainstream media is all upset about foreign interference during the election,and I completely agree that we need to stop this. But honestly, when the threat to our election process comes from inside our own country, we need to stop that before we worry about anything else.

The msm needs to be held accountable for their completely biased and overzealous attempt to influence the election. We need to expose them for what they really are. A bunch of hypocrites who think they are in charge of telling America what or who they should believe. They need to go back to just reporting the news honestly, but I don’t see that happening any time soon.


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