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Obama Continues To Fan the Flames

Obama has ordered a full investigation into alleged Russian hacking during the election.

This week, Time Magazine named Donald Trump as their Person of the Year. The subtitle on the magazine cover declared Trump as “President of the Divided States of America.” While I agree that we as a nation are as divided as ever, it’s Obama that has seemingly gone out of his way over the past eight years to do all the dividing. Trump only exposed it for what it is.

Obama’s latest attempt to undermine and further divide the country is centered around a “secret” CIA Assessment that has somehow decided that the Russians have interfered in last month’s election in an attempt to help Trump. One has to question the validity of such an assessment simply because they called it “secret”. If you know anything about the CIA and secrets, you know that there is no way in hell we’d be hearing anything about this assessment…if it does exist in any form.

Let us not forget that the FBI and other intelligence officials already investigated this same claim of Russian interference over the past summer and found nothing that showed any connection between Trump and the Russian government. The officials stated that -if anything- Russia was merely aimed at disrupting the election rather than electing Trump. The NY Times article about that investigation is right here.

Regardless of the facts, Obama still insists on further dividing Americans rather than accepting that Hillary lost and it’s time for America to move forward. Instead of leading us through the transition period gracefully, he continues to divide. So much for his “legacy.”




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