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ABC’s David Muir Is a Pompous Jerk

David just can’t stop loving Hillary…and hating Trump

ABC World News Tonight anchor David Muir has to be the most biased news anchor in the country. When ABC finally got rid of the aged fossil Diane Sawyer and replaced her with Muir, I couldn’t have been happier. For about two or three days.

Muir wasted no time establishing his affinity for all things Obama and Clinton. Now he’s added a complete hatred for Donald Trump to his nightly repertoire. With his trademark sly smirk on his face, he gleefully bashes anything and everything Trump says or does. I guess unbiased news reporting at ABC has been thrown out the window.

Let’s take a quick look at Muir’s “reporting” over the past two or three days of this week. On Tuesday he leads with the story about Trump saving jobs at the Carrier Company in New York. But instead of giving credit, he interviews one of the union bosses at Carrier that claims it wasn’t as many jobs saved as Trump announced. Of course, the union boss is an angry Hillary voter.

On Wednesday night, Muir spends five minutes “exposing” the fact that the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. had rented one of it’s exclusive conference halls to the Kingdom of Bahrain’s embassy for its 45th annual National Day celebration for $100 thousand dollars. Muir claims it shows that Trump may be inclined to be influenced by this  type of behavior.

What Muir forgot to mention was that while Trump’s hotel made $100 thousand dollars on the rental, Hillary received a whopping $32MILLION dollars in exchange for an “audience” with the very same Prince of Bahrain while she was still the Secretary of State. That story is right here. I guess that in Muir’s world, $100 thousand can buy more of an “influence” than $32million can. But Muir never lets the facts get in his way.

Tonight (Thursday) on World News Tonight, Muir had nothing new on Trump, so he simply rehashed the same Carrier jobs story from Tuesday’s broadcast. Then he spent a few minutes praising Hillary for her decision to help in the fight against “fake news”.

If Hillary really wants to fight fake news, she should start with David Muir and ABC World News Tonight. In the meantime, David Muir should learn how to eat crow for the next four years or more. I hear it’s great with ranch dressing.


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  1. David Muir is a pompous ass. Why the hell does ABC news keep him.

  2. Thank goodness someone other than myself sees through this fake news jerk. Thank you for publishing!

  3. Anonymous // May 16, 2018 at 6:33 pm // Reply


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