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Jill’s recount has nothing to do with Hillary

Jill Stein will win even though she’ll lose the recount.

When I first heard news that Jill Stein was ordering a presidential vote recount in 3 states, I admit I was scratching my head wondering what was in it for her. I mean seriously, she didn’t even beat Gary Johnson in the race.What would a recount do for her?

My first thought was the obvious one…Hillary was somehow behind it. I remember Bernie Sanders’ sudden turn-about and becoming a staunch Hillary advocate, then a matter of days later buying a mansion on a lake in the New England area. Gee, I wonder how that happened.

The conspiracy theories were bouncing all over inside my head. But then the strategic side of my brain took over, and things started to make sense. Jill has everything to gain from this and almost nothing to lose.

She’s got her face and name all over the news every day and her efforts are seen by many as a noble cause. In a matter of weeks, she’s raised $7.2million and counting. That’s more than twice as much cash as she raised during her entire presidential campaign ($3.5m). For a live count of the cash numbers click here.

So let’s look at the bigger picture for Jill. No doubt, a ton of Hillary voters were women who sadly voted for her just because they wanted a woman to become president, and they obviously still do. I doubt seriously that the dems will back another run for Hillary, so as it stands today Jill will be the only female candidate in 2020.

The one thing that all of the third party campaign committees lack that Jill is quickly building up…is a solid database of voters. Especially the voters who are willing to send cash to the cause. The dems and repubs have built a massive and comprehensive voter database over the decades that rivals most political databases in the world. Third party committees have nothing that compares.

Jill’s recount website has received $7.2 million dollars with – according to campaign manager David Cobb- most donations being less than $50. That means one hell of a lot of donors are involved. And they’re all being added to Jill’s database as cash donors who may lean towards her in 2020.

For those who send money to Jill’s recount efforts, you can fully expect to be inundated with emails, phone calls and letters in your mailbox from Jill Stein 2020. You’re welcome.


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