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Hillary and The Department of Homeland Fun

Here’s how Hillary’s idea of Fun Camps would have gone down

In case you missed it, Hillary had the brilliant idea that we all needed “fun camps” that would help us common folks overcome the “huge fun deficit” in America. If you didn’t hear about it or you think I’m kidding, it’s right here.

These camps were to have red cabins and blue cabins for obvious reasons. Apparently there are only two political parties in America today, but hey, who’s counting when Madame Secretary says it’s so. I guess if Jill Stein somehow gets Hillary into office on a recount, there will have to be some green cabins as well.

Thankfully, we’ll never get to experience these camps. But if Hillary would have gotten the chance it might have been more fun watching her create the Department of Homeland Fun than actually attending one of the camps. Oh the hilarity that would have ensued.

First she needs a Secretary Of Homeland Fun. Who knows how to have fun better than Anthony Weiner? He’s all rehabilitated now and ready to go. The Under Secretary of Homeland Fun would be a lock for First Gentleman Bill Clinton. No contest there.

All other administration appointments would be handed out in descending order according to Clinton Foundation contribution amounts. Fair is fair after all. Handing out the contracts for construction of the camps would be by pay-to-play. The power for the electric fences around each camp would be powered by all those solar panels Hillary wanted to build. Win, win.

Oh, the fun we’ll miss out on…


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