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Pelosi is proof the Dems have learned nothing


 After a complete disaster in the election, The democrats still refuse to let go of the past

One of the basic lessons in life is to learn from your mistakes. When will the democrats in Washington figure that out?

On Wednesday, The Dems voted to reelect dinosaur Nancy Pelosi as House Minority Leader for another two years. Pelosi, a 76-year-old career politician will now serve her 8th term as leader of the democrats. She has been in the House since 1987.

Pelosi defeated Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) by a 134-63 vote. The 63 votes against her is the most against a democrat leader since the 102nd Congress back in 1991. After the vote was final, Pelosi told reporters “We know how to win elections, we’ve done it in the past, we will do it again.” Good luck with that.

While Pelosi represents one of the wealthiest districts in California and is revered by her party for being an uber powerful fundraiser, her opponent Ryan is known as a blue collar working class type. He stated in a recent interview that the 2020 election “is not going to be won at fundraisers on the coasts. It’s going to be won in union halls in the industrial Midwest and fish fries in the Midwest and the South.” Call me crazy, but it sure sounds like Tim Ryan gets it.

If you’re a republican, you have to love the fact that Nancy Pelosi stays as the Minority Leader. It all but guarantees another disaster in 2020.


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