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Jill’s recount adds one more vote for Hillary

It’s not going as planned for Jill and Hill.

Day one of the Wisconsin vote recount has been a complete flop. So far, Hillary has picked up one vote and it’s not going any better in Pennsylvania or Michigan. Some people just don’t know when to quit.

I think it’s obvious to even the family dog where this recount is going. Straight down the drain. But at least Jill Stein is making some serious cash off this misguided travesty. Since none of the tons of cash that George Soros and poor loser snowflakes have funneled into the recount is considered a campaign contribution, the accountability for the cash windfall does not apply.

You can just bet Jill and Hill will make darn sure all the cash gets “used appropriately” and there will be nothing left but chump change at the end of the recount. Just another day in politics…Clinton style.


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