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Trump will deliver the change that Obama promised

8 years later, not much has changed under Obama

Remember all those big blue signs that read “Change” during the Obama run for the presidency? Remember the pledge Obama made about “Transparency”? So where is all that change and transparency?

That change simply didn’t happen. There’s not much else you can say about it after eight years. The only significant change was an apparent improvement to Obama’s golf score. Of course, that improvement was paid for by the good ol’ taxpayers. You’re welcome, Barry.

The promised transparency? Clear as mud. If the Obama administration can be given credit for anything it’s the fact that they absolutely perfected the art of “Spinning the Numbers.” The Obama spin doctors found a way to make even the most dismal of statistics look like a pleasant walk along a beautiful stream in the springtime.

The keystone to the Obama “Legacy” is the shipwreck known as Obamacare. A complete disaster from any way you look at it. Premiums just recently doubled or tripled and the insurance companies are refusing to participate. The only way most Americans can afford a policy that actually fit their needs is to accept a deductible that is way out of line and would leave most average folks in debt anyway. Some legacy, right?

Help is on the way, America. Donald Trump will bring serious change to Washington and the American people. He’s not even the president yet, and that change is already becoming visible. He’s out there every day showing his leadership skills and doing all he can as president-elect to keep jobs from leaving the country. That’s just the beginning, folks!

Despite the soon-to-fail efforts of Jill Stein, George Soros and the Hillary camp, Trump will prevail and do what he promised. I’m looking forward to it…and so should the rest of America.








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