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Why we can stick a fork in the Clinton turkey

It was hard to watch the train wreck that was the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. But it was very interesting. As many times as Donald Trump used his mouth to shoot himself in the foot, Hillary just could not pull away from Trump in the polls. Her campaign people were way too busy fighting off her own scandals to build any steam.

There were the email server issues, Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation, her seeming propensity for telling lies and then her health issues to name a few. By the time FBI Director James Comey cleared her of the email server problem just days before the election, the campaign had taken on so much water that the good ship Clinton was destined to become a coral reef on the ocean floor.

Just when the Clinton campaign thought they had somehow managed to wiggle their way out of most of the damage…enter Anthony Weiner, the infamous loose cannon and husband of campaign manager Huma Abedin. It seems Anthony can’t stay away from the ladies on the internet. But this time, it was a 15 year-old girl. You would have thought that this jerk would have learned his lesson by now. Apparently not.

Through all of the turmoil, Hillary continued to campaign. Sometimes. Time will tell if her health played a part in it, but she definitely didn’t come close to putting out the efforts that her rival Trump did throughout the campaign. Perhaps she thought she had it in the bag. The mainstream media sure had it that way and maybe she believed the polls and her own press releases. No matter how you look at it, a big mistake. She has already admitted that she should have paid more attention to several states that she pretty much ignored. Too late, Hillary.

So what’s next for the Clintons? I suspect not much. Who knows what will come over the next four years. Hillary -and possibly Bill and Chelsea- may find themselves mired in investigations. I don’t think it matters much. If charges do come I would be perfectly happy if one or more of the Clintons just plead guilty and serve no time or probation. At least then they wouldn’t legally be able to hold public office again. Call it win, win.

Hillary took tens and tens of millions of dollars from from a lot of people and businesses. Some of them were not exactly the kind of people or businesses that you would want to cross. All of them expected a return on their investment and now they’re not going to get it. If I were Hillary, I’d be hiding under my bed for a long time. Needless to say, the Clintons would have serious problems trying to get campaign donations from anyone in the future.

Watching Hillary’s concession speech was like watching the final episode of the HBO TV series “The Sopranos”. The final curtain call for an infamous family riddled with controversy and highly questionable ethical issues. Stick a fork in the Clintons.





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