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Trump going easy on Hillary?

In an interview with the New York Times on Tuesday morning, Donald Trump stated that he had no interest in prosecuting Hillary Clinton over the email scandal or for any financial acts committed by the Clinton Foundation. “I don’t want to hurt the Clintons, I really don’t,” he said.

This of course is a direct contradiction to one of Trump’s main campaign promises. I can still hear the chants of “lock her up, lock her up” at nearly every rally as the election closed in. So why the apparent change of course?

Well, not so fast. Trump has repeatedly stated throughout the campaign that he also doesn’t like to give the enemy any information they can use. “I like the element of surprise” he quipped on many occasions. So is this just Donald playing his cards close to the vest?

Perhaps Trump is simply saying all the right things to keep the presidential transition going smoothly. No need to get Obama and Company all fired up. Let’s wait until January 20th and then see where it goes.

Trump has a lot more important things to do before and after his inauguration, and he’ll be focused on those issues as he should be. But do not rule out a “rethink” on Trump’s behalf as to charges against Hillary and the Clinton Foundation. If nothing else, the heat he is already getting from his voters and the media for breaking a promise will only get worse.

Let us not forget, if the judicial branch of the government decides to proceed, Trump can only watch.


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